I am so glad I signed me and my husband up for this class! Carrie was an excellent instructor. I had absolutely zero CPR experience and she really broke down the steps I need to take in case of an emergency. I gained enough confidence to know I can spring into action should the occasion call for it, at least until emergency services arrive. The class I was in also had a few people who have had experience in CPR and they seemed to really appreciate the refresher. Especially for you first time parents out there I highly highly recommend attending a class with Hand2Heart CPR, not only for the knowledge you gain to calm your nerves but the price was so reasonable for the 3 hrs of learning. Carrie also explained that they also provide classes in home should you be unable to attend a scheduled public class. All in, you will not regret signing up with Hand2Heart CPR.
Stephanie Anemi


Hi Carrie,
I wanted to add to your happy story list and thank you for your class. Yesterday we saved our daughter from choking. She ate a couple of pieces of the hard shell of grenadine fruit. It’s so sharp it scratched her throat tissue. I keep being reminded that babies don’t reason as adults when putting stuff in their mouths and how we must keep being diligent and two steps ahead. So thanks! She was doing just fine soon after she finished crying, was all giggles. I guess happy to be okay.
Jana Gupta