I just wanted to let you know that this weekend I had a great experience doing my SFA with Gord.
I have done the course many times and he was by far the most informative, positive and realistic instructor I have had. His real life examples and scenarios were great! His discussions and overall manor made me feel confident and put my mind at ease if I ever had to help someone.
I typically do my certifications through my workplace, but will definitely be back!

Thank you,

Hi Carrie
Just wanted to drop a quick note saying George was fabulous yesterday teaching. As a paramedic he was able to provide real life scenario he gave us a ton of information but made it easy to remember
He is a great addition to your team!

Wendy Jackson

Hi Carrie,

This is Shyanna G., I just wanted to thank you for a wonderful CPR training experience. Brittani was a great teacher who was kind, knowledgeable and fun to learn with. I just wanted to thank you and Brittani on behalf of Shellina G. and I for a great program.
Have a great day, and I look forward to seeing you next year for recertification!

Shyanna G.

We are so glad we found your company! Brittani was so nice and professional! We loved doing the training with her! She made the learning atmosphere so nice and relaxed, so we were able to open up and ask any questions we had! We definitely will be recommending your company to others that need to have first aid training done!

Thank you so much for such an enjoyable experience!


Brittany was incredible. We loved her and the class wasn’t boring at all. We chose to come back to your company for our first aid because we loved when you trained. It was nice that years later we are still being trained by amazing engaging qualified staff.
Thank you so much!!


Thanks again for such a great re cert. The instructor was very good, we all learned from him. He explains the Content very well. I have been attending recerts over my 33 year nursing career and this was one of the best. I learn something new every time


Thanks for a wonderful course. I would highly recommend it to friends and family. Your explanations were very relatable to the real world and made it easier to understand when applying the techniques. I have been doing this course through St. John’s Ambulance and I always dread it.

I am so glad I signed me and my husband up for this class! Carrie was an excellent instructor. I had absolutely zero CPR experience and she really broke down the steps I need to take in case of an emergency. I gained enough confidence to know I can spring into action should the occasion call for it, at least until emergency services arrive. The class I was in also had a few people who have had experience in CPR and they seemed to really appreciate the refresher. Especially for you first time parents out there I highly highly recommend attending a class with Hand2Heart CPR, not only for the knowledge you gain to calm your nerves but the price was so reasonable for the 3 hrs of learning. Carrie also explained that they also provide classes in home should you be unable to attend a scheduled public class. All in, you will not regret signing up with Hand2Heart CPR.

Stephanie Anemi

Thank you so much for the amazing session and for having me today at your place! That was one of the best first aid sessions I have ever had,very informative and interesting.


Thanks for making the First Aid Certification process easy and interesting! I will definitely be doing it with you again!
Kind regards,


I wish I could give this organizatiion 10 stars. I just finished taking CPR First Aid / BLS for my school placement requirements. I’ve done it in the past and was really dreading doing it. The instructor Gord was fantastic!!! He has been in multiple roles in the industry and comes prepared with so many stories and real life scenarios. He makes the class fly by and ensures that everyone understands what they are learning.
I hope to return for my recertifications in the future!

Thank you Gord and Hand2Heart!
Hailey Elizabeth White

Hi Carrie,
I want to say thank you that you let me have Mrs. Cristina Gould for my second day of first aid’s training. She is the best teacher, she explained everything very good, easy to understand and on each lesson we got details and a lot of practicing with our partners.

If I have chance to go there again I am strongly asked for her to be my teacher again.


Hi Carrie,
I attended my CPR training yesterday and wanted to let you know how great the instructor was. I cannot seem to remember his name but it was a great experience and he seemed to have the first aid book memorized. It was informative and he made the hands on portion easy to understand and would help us until we fully understood it.

I hope you’ll pass this message along to him.

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standard first aid and cpr training in hamilton

Hi there,

I participated in today’s CPR level C class and had Naeem as an instructor. His method of instructing and knowledge surrounding the course material was amazing to say the least. I could tell that his method of teaching has been fine tuned and it was accommodating to each persons way of retaining today’s information.

Warm regards,
Amanda B.

I had a great experience with Jorge, he was a very good teacher. During the class he continuously paused to make sure everyone understood how to properly perform the different skills before moving on.
I also appreciate how he explained different scenarios where we may have to perform certain skills, while also tying in his own experiences into the lesson.
Overall, I enjoyed my time in the classroom and I don’t think that I would change anything about it.

Joshua Beteta

Good morning Carrie,
Hope you’re well. I just wanted to express my extreme satisfaction with the class on Friday. It was well structured and Gord was an excellent trainer. I look forward to coming back in a few years to recert.

Have a wonderful day!


Finished my course today. I have been to many many training sessions when employed by Ontario Hydro/OPG for 34 years all over Ontario. I have to say that the instructor I had today was the best.


Hi there, my coworker and I just attended the class yesterday and we wanted to send some feedback on how it went.

We are not good with names so hoping this reaches him! The instructor was very helpful and engaging. Both of us have done cpr in the past and it’s always very dry to read through the book. We found the real life scenarios to be realistic and this really helped our understanding of the course over all! We are so happy to have taken our cpr through hand2heart and will be recommending your services to our other colleagues and friends as well 🙂

Tamara & Maria

I had the BEST day. Naeem was amazing and I have never felt so confident in first aid! (12 years of being a lifeguard)
Also as a Mom of 1.5 year old twins and a 9 year old there is no better feeling leaving with all the knowledge Naeem was able to give today.


Thank you for this awesome training! The teacher is amazing !! He shared lots of different experiences that enriched the morning so much.


Thank you again so much Carrie for helping Sean and I get certified. We will tell our team here about you. You are such a great person and teacher. Without you we wouldn’t be able to take our little guy home (from the NICU) soon.

I wanted to add to your happy story list and thank you for your class. Yesterday we saved our daughter from choking. She ate a couple of pieces of the hard shell of grenadine fruit. It’s so sharp it scratched her throat tissue. I keep being reminded that babies don’t reason as adults when putting stuff in their mouths and how we must keep being diligent and two steps ahead. So thanks! She was doing just fine soon after she finished crying, was all giggles. I guess happy to be okay.

Jana Gupta

I participated in your class this morning. I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated how you made everyone feel so welcome. You certified me and a few of my colleagues a few years ago and seeing your friendly face again put me right at ease.

You are full of knowledge and you made the class fun and provided great real life stories and scenarios. I appreciated the fact that you respected those who had a health professional background as well as being sensitive to the needs of novice students. You are an outstanding instructor!

I am currently at a new place of employment and will certainly recommend you to my colleagues. Thanks again Carrie and see you next year!


I just want you to know that I had a wonderful time yesterday. If anyone has apprehensions about going to a cpr course I’d definitely recommend your business. Thank you


I just want to let you know how much Glenn and I enjoyed our First Aid Course on May 2nd.

Your instructor was amazing and made the course very easy to understand, especially with his hands-on experience telling us different things that could occur in each situation. Also he involved the class in relating their own experiences with helping others in an emergency.

We also enjoyed the split online and in-person class which saved us time from doing 2 in-person classes.

In the past we have both taken several first aid classes that were hard to get through as they were quite boring, so this May 2nd class was a surprise to us as the day flew by and everyone in class was focused.

Please let your instructor know that we appreciated all his effort to make the class interesting.

Thank you
Jeanette and Glenn S.

Thank you Carrie.
You and your organization have been absolutely fantastic.
I am grateful for all of your help from start to finish.
Have a great day.

Kind Regards,

Hey there,

I was in the EFA/CPR-C course today and just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the course in large part due to the instructor. Normally, I’m not one to leave reviews (both positive or negative), but this instructor made the training enjoyable which I did not think was possible for these types of mandatory full day training environments. Not sure if I will be sent a survey/option to review the course along with my training certificate, but I would be more than happy to leave a review. Also, if you could pass along my compliments to the instructor that would be amazing, as I want him to know how well he did to make the training environment enjoyable and conducive to learn in.


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