How much do CPR courses cost in Ontario?
Depending on the Training Partner and level of Training Required, the costs differ. Our costs at Hand2Heart CPR range from $50.00-$130.00 depending on individual needs and course requirements
Is an online CPR certificate valid in Canada?
Most First Aid and CPR courses offered by the Red Cross have an online component which allows participants to complete 50% of the course in the comfort of their own home. You must attend the practical component, in-class session before receiving your final Red Cross Certification.
However, online certifications with no in-person component that are not offerred by a known company, such as the Red Cross, are scams and not valid in Canada.
How do I get my CPR certification in Canada?
Choose the course that meets your needs or requirements based on your job and then select a provider in your area who facilitates training from a leading company such as the Red Cross.
Once you have successfully completed your course, you will receive your Certification via Red Cross email within 48 hours.
How long are CPR certifications good for in Ontario?
BLS certifications are valid for 1 year. All other CPR certifications are valid for 3 years.
What does CPR Level C mean?
Level C is: Adult, Child and Infant CPR. This is the most common level of training across the board and what most sectors require.
Is BLS the same as CPR Level C?
No they are not. BLS for Healthcare providers is a high performance level of CPR for those in Pre-Hospital or clinical settings. You perform CPR using the ambu bag, demonstrating your CPR skills, and working with your team. The BLS is a professional level of training for those in such fields as: paramedic, nurses, PSW, Practical Nursing, Dentists, Doctors, Dental Hygienists etc.